Study of Decision-making Skill of +2 Students in Relation to their Self-Regulation, Self-Efficacy and Satisfaction with School

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Shivraj Singh
Malvinder Ahuja


This study was conducted to investigate effects of single variables (A. self efficacy, B. self regulation and C. satisfaction of students with school) on skill of decision making of twelfth grade students and also their two order and three order interaction effects on decision making. Null Hypotheses were framed for each effect. The sample comprised of 515 students chosen from representative CBSE affiliated secondary schools of district Roopnagar, Punjab. An ex post facto design of the study led to an analysis of data through a statistical technique of 3x3x3 ANOVA substantiated by t-test.
A brief summary of findings was as follows:
Main effects of all three independent variables A, B, C, were found to be significant at the .01 level of confidence indicating strong influence of each of these variables on skill of decision making. Out of the three two order interactions, only AxC was found to be significant at the .05 level of confidence and those of AXB and BXC were not found to be significant even at the .05 level of confidence. This indicated that AXC interacts to result into differences in means scores of decision making of various combination groups due to AXC only. The three order interaction of AXBXC was also found to be significant at the .05 level of confidence, which led to conclude that combination groups due to this interaction effect resulted in differences in decision making by twelfth graders.

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