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Sangeeta Gupta


In this issue, varied themes as researched and explored by the contributors facilitate the readers to have a sight on various challenges and problems in India directly related to the education of different levels, and they will draw the attention of academicians, practitioners, and researchers related to education and teaching fraternity.
Shivraj Singh and Malvinder Ahuja in their study, which was conducted on 515 twelfth grade students representing CBSE, affiliated secondary schools of district Roopnagar Punjab. The study investigated effects of single variables (A. Self-Efficacy, B. Self-Regulation, and C. Satisfaction of students with school) on skill of decision-making. An Ex Post Facto design of the study led to an analysis of data through the statistical technique of 3x3x3 Anova substantiated by the t-test. The main effects of all three independent variables A, B, C were found to be significant at the .01 level of confidence, indicating a strong influence of each of these variables on the skill of decision-making.

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