Role of ICT in Teacher Training Education

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Praveen Kumar


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can be utilized in the education sector. Education includes online, distance, and part-time education. ICT is an important component in improving the effectiveness and innovativeness in teaching. There are various ways to effectively conduct the teaching-learning process through the judicious use of ICT. The objectives of this research paper: 1) To study the need and importance of ICT in the teaching training process (2) To study the perception of Teacher Educators about using various techniques to integrate ICT in teaching-learning process. The sample of the study comprised 50 Teacher Educators from 10 B.Ed. Colleges from Haryana. Close-ended questionnaires and open-ended Questionnaires were used for the present study. The findings indicated that ICT integration and its various forms are beneficial for improving teacher training education quality and innovativeness.

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