Learning Styles and Study Habits: A Way to Academic Success

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Laxmi Pandey
B K Pal


The aim of the present investigation was to examine the relationship between various learning styles and study habits and their impact on academic success.A sample of 200 students was selected randomly from the two govt. and two private Schools of Delhi. Study Habit Inventory developed by Mukhopadhyay and Dr. D.N. Sansanwal (1985) was administered. This inventory includes nine components namely -comprehension, concentration, task orientation, study sets, interaction, drilling, supports, recording and language. Learning Styles Inventory prepared by Rita Dunn, Keneth Dunn and Gary E (1989) was also applied. This is a self-reported tool consisting of 90 statements. This inventory has four major aspects-. i) Their immediate environment (sound, light, temperature, seating design). ii) Their own emotionality (motivation, persistence, responsibility). iii) Their sociological performance (learning alone or in different sized groups). iv) Their physiological characteristics (perceptual strengths represented by auditory, verbal, tactile, kinesthetic and sequenced characteristics.It was found that coefficient of correlation between learning style and study habit of adolescent was significant and positive.

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