Perspectives of Teacher-Education for Prospective School Development

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Sanjoy K. Nag
Shri K. Dwivedi


Teacher education has a significant role in promoting school development. The essence of school development is the performance of the
teachers in schools. The more they perform, the better they perform, the more the status of the schools is upgraded. Teachers have multiple
roles to play as an educator, psychologists, as well as a classroom managers, a teacher has an intrinsic potential to be a social reformer. In the
modern age, the responsibilities of teachers have increased in number like managing mid-day meals, conducting field-work and excursions,
tracking scholastic and non-scholastic developments of the learners, managing parents’ queries related to the teaching profession learners’
performance, and also maintaining different administrative prerequisites, reporting duties to District Inspector of schools and Sub-Inspector
of schools regularly. This article focuses on the needs and importance of teachers’ attending resource-development sessions and short-term
training programmes so that scholastic improvement happens simultaneously with non-scholastic activities. This study adopts an Intensive
survey method to look up Central and State Government-conducted survey on the dissemination of Teacher-Education programmes and
consequent development in School education. It is concluded that school development is a coordinated effort of the teachers, learners, and
curriculum transaction that can be mastered well by undergoing teacher-education programmes

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