Nurturing Learning Agility: Investigating Self-Determined Learning and Skill Enhancement During COVID-19

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Vaibhav Verma
Rishabh Verma


In the modern era, the acquisition of learning skills has become crucial for personal and professional success due to technological advancements and changes in the nature of work. The rise of automation and artificial intelligence has displaced traditional jobs, necessitating continuous skill development to remain employable. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for digital skills in the transition to remote work. Learning skills are vital for personal growth, expanding perspectives, and enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. They also promote innovation, collaboration, and interpersonal interaction, essential for success in personal and professional situations. This study aimed to explore the importance of learning skills in the modern era and its impact on employability and career success. It investigated individuals’ involvement in skill acquisition through self-determination or heutagogy, a learner-centered approach emphasizing autonomy and capacity development. The study employed an exploratory research design and a survey method to attain the objectives. The tool used was a researcher-administered questionnaire shared through online digital platforms. The sample included more than 700 counts consisting of individuals belonging to each age group and employment status. The research found that 84.24% of individuals learned new skills during the COVID period, indicating a positive response to the opportunity for self-improvement. The majority of participants focused on Personality Development Skills (PDS) and Communication Skills (CMS) for personal growth and career advancement. Leadership and Management Skills (LS), Analytical Skills (AS), and Technical Skills (TS) were also highly valued for career progression. Overall, the study highlights the importance of continuous skill development and the role of self-determined learning in enhancing employability. It suggests that individuals who took advantage of the COVID-19 period to acquire new skills have increased their career prospects and contributed to a growing pool of skilled workers in India. The research underscores the significance of lifelong learning and the potential of online digital education to foster innovative teaching and learning strategies, especially in resource-constrained settings

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