Propagation of Ancient Indian Knowledge through IKT Courses in Open Schooling

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Sunita J. Kathuria
Saroj Sharma


Let’s go back to Indianness and experience the richness of ancient Indian culture” is a call to rediscover and immerse ourselves in the profound
heritage of India. It invites us to explore the long-standing customs, works of art, schools of thought, and knowledge that have shaped this
country. The abovementioned quote encourages returning to the fundamentals and learning about the rich tapestry of Indian history and
culture, which stands for spirituality, harmony in diversity, traditional arts, music, dance, cuisine, rituals, and philosophy like as yoga and Vedanta.
India has always been viewed as having a rich and diversified knowledge legacy as it is the home of one of the oldest and most sophisticated
civilizations in the world, including the Indus Valley civilization and the Vedic culture. The vibrant Indian method of living a life is made known
to the entire world through the rich traditional practices of Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga. The ancient Indian sciences are incredibly helpful
in today’s times because of their timeless concepts, all-encompassing viewpoint, and ability to address modern challenges. This paper explores
the diversity of ancient Indian knowledge and the necessity of incorporating it into the country’s contemporary educational system. Additionally,
it also describes NIOS’s initiative to incorporate IKT subjects into the open school curriculum, which was prepared specifically for Indian open
school learners. The major objective of introducing IKT subjects was to prepare citizens of tomorrow who are not only academically competent
but also emotionally balanced, socially responsible, and environmentally sensitive. This paper was written with the goal of communicating
best practices and increasing the general awareness of the numerous programmes provided by NIOS and encouraging more people to engage
with it and utilize its resources.

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